Ocean wave observations. Low-cost. Anywhere. Simple.

Powered by the dream to make ocean wave observations available to everyone, and everywhere, the Spotter project provides an easy-to-use, affordable, and durable platform for high-quality ocean wave and current measurements. Our goal is to contribute to a drastic increase in availability of ocean wave data, new data uses, and to work with a diverse users community, consisting of a.o. research groups, coastal communities, ocean companies, and ocean-minded individuals.

Spotter is designed to measure ocean surface waves and currents. It is the result of extensive research and experimentation with low-cost sensing strategies for ocean waves. By integrating GPS, satellite communication, and solar technology, Spotter is not limited by batteries, can operate anywhere in the world, and connects data straight to your mobile device.



Ready to go

Spotter is solar-powered, so you never run out of juice. Just put it in the sun and it's ready to go.


Spotter sends data directly to your online dashboard on your computer or portable device.


Spotter is small and light so it's easy to carry and work with. 

spotter FEATURES



Sustainable and clean energy for unlimited deployment duration. You don't buy batteries, ever.


User-friendly interface. 

Clear and simple user interface. Data available through intuitive online dashboard on your mobile device.


Small and lightweight. 

Convenient size (15” diameter), and lightweight (about 20 lbs), make it easy to handle. 

Satellite communication. 

Seamless data transfer, anywhere, all the time.


Cost-effective materials. 

Marine-savvy plastics to provide a durable and cost-effective solution.


Free-floating or moored.

With solar power and satellite communication WaveSpotter can be moored, or deployed free-drifting.

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